Find A Cure Panel
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Find A Cure Panel Privacy Policy

Find A Cure Panel is a division of Sample Czar located at 1850 Industrial Street, Suite 514, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

Participation in this research is confidential and anonymous. The researchers will not know who you are. Participants are identified by first name only.

Find A Cure Panel does not share personal identifying information (PII) with the researchers, moderators or any third party vendors.

Find A Cure Panel does not sell or market lists of participants or their PII to any other companies.

Find A Cure Panel adheres to all HIPPA regulations which preserves any privacy information obtained during this research.

Find A Cure Panel adheres to FDA rules that may require reporting of any adverse effects.

Information in the form of experience, opinions or feedback obtained from you during this research will be anonymized and included in a report to the research sponsors.

Find a Cure Panel does not use any tracking devices (i.e. cookies or IP tracking) for any interaction with participants during or after this research.

If you have any questions about your participation in this research, please contact Find a Cure Panel at